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Case Studies

* Veolia - Stickney WWTP
SmartCOUPLING solves thermal growth and misalignement issues and saves energy.

* Sierra Pacific Industries
200hp Belt-Pulley ASD saves over $30,000/yr on Boiler ID Fan.

* Vancouver Aquarium
Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drives saves 1 Megawatt per year. Project recieves 75% reimbursement from BC Hydro.

* Moody Gardens Resort
Energy Savings will Recoup Investment in 14 months.

* Houston Zoo
Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drive cuts Energy Usage by 40%

* YMCA (Mel Korum)
Flux Drive Adjustable Speed Drive cuts Energy Usage by 78%.


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Flux Drive Technology

Flux Drive technology utilizes portions of induction motor theory combined with recent improvements in permanent magnets to create a breakthrough design for flexible soft-start couplings and adjustable speed drives.

In all Flux Drive products, coupling torque is transferred across an air gap by means of magnetic induction. This unique magnetic circuit eliminates high-peak power demand during start-up and provides significant energy savings during reduced speed operations.  Because torque is transmitted 100% mechanically, Flux Drives are unaffected by lightning strikes, poor power quality or hot, wet, or corrosive environments that can easily damage Variable Frequency Drives.  They also create no harmonics, can be used on any motor (including older non-inverter-duty rated motors), and provide misalignment and maintenance benefits that electronic drives simply can't offer.

Further, unlike any other magnetic couplings or ASDs, Flux Drive products to transmit 140-150% of rated operating torque when the difference between motor and load speed is the greatest (i.e. at start-up or during a load seizure).  This is more than enough torque to start high inertia loads such as conveyors and compressors while still providing a cushioned start that reduces electrical demand and equipment damage.

 Unlike "eddy current" drives and couplings, there is no need to oversize the Flux Drive and there is no need for complicated speed or heat sensors to protect the coupling during a load seizure event. 

One Technology -  Two Configurations

Inside the SmartCOUPLING, the induction rotor is oriented radially - allowing for a thin design that lets the SmartCOUPLING fit into existing shaft  openings.   It's truly a "drop-in" replacement for elastomeric, grid or gear couplings.  The 0.100" air gap provides room for thermal shaft growth or misalignment correction. 

Within the Adjustable Speed Drive the rotor is oriented axially, much the same as in an induction motor.  This design allows for adjustment in the overlap between the permanent magnets in the outer cylinder and the internal rotor.  The degree of overlap determines the strength of the magnetic coupling effect and therefore the load speed. The animation below shows the rotor at various levels of enagement.   ASDs can be used with a simple hand-crank style actuator for manual speed control, or it can be fully automated using an electrical linear actuator connected to the facility control system.


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